Question 1. Interactive Practice Exercises.

These exercises are built to be run on Laptops or PC's. Tablets, if they have an attached keyboard are ok(ish), but these will not work on Phones.

The "Trick" when doing these is not the doing of them. Just repeating what you did 20 seconds ago will not help you learn or improve.
Rather Explicitly describe to youself What you are doing, and more importantly, Why, and What you will be doing Next.

What Goes Where - Positioning of Entries Adjustments  -  Calculating Figures 
Positioning of Assets & Liabilities in the Balance Sheet Reducing Closing Stock through (fire) damage
Positioning of Expenses & Liabilities in the Final Accounts Calculating for Disposal & for P&
Positioning of  Expenses, Assets, Revenues & Liabilities in the FABS. Wrong Mortgage/Debenture Figure
As EARL above, but adding in entries which follow on from the 1st Initial entry. Discount, Debtor/Creditor Omissions
Headings Other Errors
Headings in Final Accounts & Balance Sheet, (not Manufacturing) Investment Income: Error & &L. Patents, P& & c/d-A
Some Past Questions
Sales/Purchases, Debtors/Creditors & Closing Stock
Sole Trader
Purchases/Sales on Credit, Unrecorded
Sole Trader
Adjusting or Creating, from a Final Debtors figure
  Building Purchase - VAT included
  Extensions - Self Built from Purchases and Labour
  Revaluation Reserve 1: Simple Question
  Revaluation Reserve 2: With an Extension
  Revaluation Reserve 3: Fire Damage & Rebuild
  Revaluation Reserve 4: VAT entered in L&B
I can do
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